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 So you need a copywriter

Don't be confused. You've come to the right place. Yes, I'm a copywriter but no, I don't conform to any glitzy media type. Yes, I can inject personality and punch into your copy but I'm a business person at heart, I come in from the business side. Believe me, for this you will be eternally grateful.

It is no secret that a lot of replica watches uk firms are in need of expert copywriting skills. Increased competition and multiple new media channels means you can no longer rely on 'just saying what you do' to get noticed above the competition.

You need to follow tried and tested copywriting techniques to achieve results from every piece of marketing communication. But, you also need a copywriter that can get under the skin of your business, try it on for shape and then speak to your clients as if they were their own. That's where I come in.

I don't need hand holding but I don't just go off and write what I want to write. I write what you need me to write. You don't always know what that is. So it's lucky I do.

Of course, you're not doing this to have a lot of breitling replica fancy brochures and sharp web copy to navel gaze at. You need your marketing investment to translate directly to your bottom line.

I will encourage you to question your expectations from each and every piece of copy. I start with the desired outcome and I then work backwards to get you there. I will always keep your involvement limited to a minimum, unless you specify otherwise. If you are spending too much time on it then I'm not doing my job. As long as the review process is clearly defined this way of working suits everyone.

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